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Engineering the Classes

Grab Your Spanners, It’s Time to Get Tinkering!

Engineers have always had a special place on Pannithor, from the Dwarven Warsmiths, the infernal constructions of their Abyssal cousins, to the “ambitious” constructions of the goblins. They are in many ways the answer to the mages, and with enough prep time, they can lay low armies.

The Engineer is a new class, and rather than emulating spell-like effects or similar abilities, we’ve designed them to specialise in creating new gizmos and tricks that no one else can build. Each Engineer can then tailor their approach to the game that they are playing and roleplaying style. Even approaching a locked door, two Engineers can have widely different approaches. One may have constructed an apparatus of magnifying glasses that aids them in picking the lock while another may have created a small lock burning blast powder.

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Devil’s Run RPG in Print

Restart Your Engines!

Today, we are pleased to announce that preorders for the Devil’s Run RPG in print are once again available! Better yet, preorder before the end of July to grab yourself a bonus discount and free poster map.

It has been a long road through the wastelands of the post-apocalypse, but the print copies of the Devil’s Run RPG Corebook and GM Screen have finally arrived at the warehouse.

You can view some footage of both the Corebook and GM Screen taken by our license partners, Word Forge Games, below.

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Free New Adventure for the Kings of War RPG!

Free Short Adventure

We hope this post finds you safe and well at the moment. If you enjoy tabletop roleplaying of the fantasy genre, then we have just the thing for you!

We are very pleased to announce the release of our free short adventure, the Quartet of Silence.

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The Skylark Has Landed!

The Skylark Has Landed!

Keep your radios tuned to the RS setting! We have an important update inbound regarding the Devils Run RPG. Overland supplies have been spotted in the vicinity and scouts have been tasked. More info to follow…

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Red Scar Development Blog 06

Bringing the Corsair to Life

In Red Scar Development Blog 06, we speak with 5e Kings of War Developer, Alex Delaney, about his process with the Corsair archetype for Kings of War the Roleplaying Game.

Where does your creative process begin for adapting a Kings of War archetype and were there any challenges to the Corsair archetype in particular?

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