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Expanded Team & Virtual UK Games Expo

Paco Jaen joins the team!

With the launch of Mantic Games’s kickstarter for Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game and the UK Games Expo opening its virtual doors this week, it certainly promises to be a busy one! Today, we have some very welcome news concerning both.

Visit the Virtual UK Games Expo
UK Games Expo is taking place online this year.

Expanded Team

We recently introduced T.R. Knight as a new team member, who has joined our own Kimberly Nugent as part of the editing crew for Hellboy: The RPG. Well, we haven’t stopped there! Today, we are also very pleased to announce that Paco Jaen of G*M*S Magazine will also be joining us as we continue to head deeper into the Mignola-verse. A master of map craft in gaming and very passionate concerning representation, he will be contributing artwork to the corebook and offering insight as a sensitivity reader. Welcome aboard, Paco!

Paco fends off a dimensional horror
Paco’s library holds many ancient tomes, not all of which are meant to be read!

Paco has been a devotee of roleplaying games since he discovered Dragons of Autumn Twilight in the Dragonlance series and later fell in love with Lovecraftian horror.  He created G*M*S Magazine in 2010 and has since written, produced and published hundreds of podcasts and videos about roleplaying and board games with his husband, Martin. He has also written and published his own work in Spain and is now expanding into the English-speaking market with Cthulhu Hispanica, a series of cosmic horror books based in Spain.  Passionate about art and illustration, his fascination with cartography has recently developed into the designing of maps for his Patreon supporters. Paco has worked in the creative industries since 1998 in roles ranging from 3D modelling production through graphic and web design to art direction in leading eLearning companies in the UK.  He is an advocate for inclusivity and diversity in games and an LGBTQI+ equal rights activist.

Red Scar at Virtual UKGE

The online UK Games Expo opens its virtual doors on Friday 21st August at 6pm and Red Scar Publishing will be there to greet you!

As an online experience, you will be able to chat to us in the UKGE’s exhibitor hall on Discord, or join us on our very own server.

That’s not all, however, as we also have a jam-packed schedule for you over the weekend. We have plenty of introductory games on offer, including a number of sessions for Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game, plus a live-panel Q&A taking place on Saturday to answer your burning questions for the very same game. All of our Hellboy: The RPG sessions will be run by members of the writing team!

Our current weekend schedule looks like this:

Hellboy: The RPG

Hellboy: The RPG Introductory Quickstart

  • Friday 21st from 6 pm, hosted by Alex Delaney
  • Saturday 22nd from 10 am, hosted by Richard August
  • Saturday 22nd from 8 pm, hosted by Alex Delaney
  • Sunday 23rd from 10 am, hosted by Benn Greybeaton
Kings of War the RPG

Kings of War the Roleplaying Game Introductory Quickstart

  • Saturday 22nd from 10 am, hosted by Alex Delaney
  • Saturday 22nd from 1pm, hosted by Alex Rose
  • Sunday 23rd from 10 am, hosted by Jesse Driver

To book any of these sessions, simply head to the UKGE website, select Roleplaying Games under the Events tab and search by the title of the game (Hellboy or Kings of War). Virtual tickets for these sessions cost £2, with all proceeds going towards the smooth running of the event itself.

Live Q&A

On Saturday 22nd August, we will be hosting a live Q&A session for Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game. You will be able to join us on out Twitch channel and ask us any of those burning questions you might have in regards to the game or the Mignola-verse.

The Q&A session will be led by Rob Burman from Mantic Games, but we will have the full writing and editing team on hand to answer your queries also.

The session kicks off at 17.30 UK GMT and will conclude at 20.00.

We are very much looking forward to chatting to you all there!

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