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Life & Death in SWADE

Today, we are pleased to announce that our free adventure, Life & Death (Echoes), The War for the Realm Part 1, has now been updated to support the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) ruleset.

Savage Update

Although it can be used as a standalone adventure, Life & Death (Echoes) follows directly on from The Black Rig scenario that is part of our introductory Quickstart, which is also free!

Los Nigromantes are increasingly making their presence felt in the San Francisco area. Some see this as a perfect excuse to solidify power within their own factions.

As power begins to shift within BritAttack, can the players ride out the storm and come out ahead?

Life & Death (Echoes), The War for the Realm Part 1, is the first of an ongoing installment in a series that intertwines with the campaign in the Devil’s Run: Mile’s Massacre board game. (Board game not needed to enjoy this adventure.)

Time for the players to choose their side. Fight. Survive.

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