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New and Overdue Introductions

For a little while now, the Red Scar team has mainly consisted of Marc, a number of amazing freelancers, and as many of his family as he can rope in to help.

By a Factor of Two!

Thankfully, Marc is no longer the only full timer on the books! Gone are the days of holding team meetings with himself in multiple chairs! The amazingly talented Kimberly Nugent, who has worked as part of the Red Scar collaborative for many years, has recently joined the team as a full-time staffer.

Kimberly joins the Red Scar Team!

Kimberly lives in New Mexico, Hellboy’s old stomping grounds, and started her editing career in speculative fiction. A lifelong gamer, she made the jump to tabletop RPGs with Modiphius’s Infinity: The RPG, where she met Marc. She’s worked with Modiphius, EN Publishing, and of course Red Scar. As a Red Scar staffer, Kimberly has been overseeing the many moving pieces of this project. She spends her free time gaming and, in non-Covid times, going to metal shows.

Already On Task

Having been working with Red Scar on multiple projects already, Kimberly transitioned readily into her editing and development role. Her first task? Overseeing the development of the recently announced Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game!

That’s Not All Folks

With Red Scar’s portfolio also expanding and the dynamics of Hellboy: The RPG needing additional support, we’re also pleased to announce a new member to the freelance fold for Red Scar. Multiple ENnie winner T.R. Knight has joined the Hellboy: The RPG team to assist with editing and proofreading.

T.R. also joins the extended Red Scar Team!

An ENnie award-winning freelance editor and game developer, T.R. has a passion for gaming that goes beyond just a hobby, it has become an academic pursuit at Taylor University where he teaches courses in Game Studies, Writing & Editing for Gaming, and Tabletop Game Writing Lab. He has proofreading, editing, indexing, and writing credits in board games and RPGs with Chaosium, Fantasy Flight Games, Free League Publishing, Greenbrier Games, Modiphius, Onyx Path, Stronghold Games, and more! And somehow he balances this with a career in IT, caregiving, parenting, and other hobbies like cooking and gardening?!

We hope you all join us in welcoming Kimberly onto the full-time crew and T.R. into the extended family. Stay tuned for more developments as the dynamics continue to grow!

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