Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set

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An exclusive set from the Hellboy board game Kickstarter that includes two complete expansions: Hellboy in Mexico and Darkness Calls.

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Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set

An exciting and quick to learn ruleset from Mantic Games allows you to dive straight into the action on the war-torn battlefields of the distant future. The Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set contains everything you need to play, including:

Hardback Rulebook
Game tokens
8-Sided Dice
Command Dice
Battlezones Scenery Accessories & Connectors
Paper Gaming Mat

5 model Enforcer Strike Team
5 model Enforcer Pathfinder Stike Team, plus D.O.G Drone
10 model Steel Warriors Stike Team
Note: Assembly of miniatures is required.

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