Devil’s Run RPG Life & Death (Echoes) – SWADE


A free Quickstart guide for the Devil’s Run RPG. Delve into a post-apocalyptic world of motorised mayhem with the 2d20 and SWADE rulesets.

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Devil’s Run RPG Life & Death (Echoes)

Free introductory adventure!

The Misfits’ adventures continue. Following on from the intro in the Devil’s Run RPG Quickstart, this free adventure sees the Misfits presented with a second opportunity to impress BritAttack’s Lord Protector of the Realm, LordHood. But a seemingly simple rescue mission soon escalates into all-out road war.

As tensions within BritAttack continue to mount, can the PCs earn the full trust of their beneficiary in time to have a say in the events to yet to come. Forming part of a collaborative campaign, feedback received between each installment will help shape those in the future. How will your Run impact BritAttack’s future?

This version of Life & Death (Echoes) makes us of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE).




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