Kings of War RPG – Quartet of Silence (TriCore)


The FREE Quickstart for the Kings of War RPG allows you to dive headlong into Mantic’s epic fantasy setting. In a world of heroes, forge your own legend!


Quartet of Silence

The Town of Stonewald Needs Your Help. Are You Brave Enough to Answer the Call?

Set on the world of Pannithor, Quartet of Silence is a short adventure that thrusts the players into a desperate reargaurd situation as they try to hold back a tide of undead.

Although based around the Kings of War lore and setting, small adaptions will allow this adventure to be placed on any fantasy world.

You will need a copy of the FREE Kings of War RPG TriCore Quickstart to play, which also includes a set of 6 pregenerated characters. Quartet of Silence might also be used as a follow-up to the Ashen Gold adventure contained within the quickstart.

Making use of the TriCore ruleset, this adventure should take approximately 2-3 hours.

Some free line art for colouring afficionados is also included!

Free Short Adventure


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