Kings of War RPG Valandor’s Gift Late Pledge (Copy)

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Kings of War RPG Late Pledge – Valandor’s Gift (Corebook print and pdf, plus GM Screen, resin miniatures and dice)


Kings of War the Roleplaying Game

Valandor’s Gift Late Pledge

Missed out on the Kings of War RPG Kickstarter? Fear not! You can grab a late pledge here!

Choosing a late pledge will ensure that you are added to the pledge manager once open.

The Valandor’s Gift pledge includes:

The Kings of War the Roleplaying Game Corebook in a full-colour 320-page pdf, including the Kickstarter exclusive cover and both the TriCore and 5E formats. Choose this reward if you would only like a digital copy of the Kings of War RPG Corebook. You’ll also receive a PDF of Francesca Baeralds’s map of Pannithor and the Player’s Guides for both TriCore and 5E, plus much more!


  • Kings of War RPG Corebook with TriCore ruleset in hard cover print and PDF formats
  • Kings of War RPG Corebook PDF with 5E ruleset
  • Kings of War Player’s Guide with TriCore ruleset in print and PDF formats
  • Kings of War Player’s Guide PDF with 5E ruleset
  • Kings of War RPG GM Screen in print and PDF
  • Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest board game
  • Shadows & Infamy Kings of War RPG novel
  • 15% discount code for the Mantic webstore
  • A set of 8 resin miniatures representing the pregenerated characters from the Quickstart adventure, Ashen Gold
  • Set of 6 TriCore dice
  • Kickstarter exclusive dice tray
  • Kings of War: Vanguard rulebook in PDF
  • PDF of Francesca’s map of Pannithor
  • Your name in the backer credits
Estimated delivery (We are on track to provide the items much sooner). All pdfs will be fulfilled by drivethrurpg. Shipping will be charged in the pledge manager.
NOTE: You will not receive anything when you purchase this product. Your payment ensures you a place in the Kings of War RPG pledge manager. Once the pledge manager opens, you will receive an email to confirm your details. You will also be able to upgrade and include add-ons.  You will receive a voucher to download the pdfs for free from drivethrurpg once they are ready.


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