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Red Scar Development Blog 03

We're taking a departure from the rules development side of the blog for Red Scar Development 03. Mark Barber of 'Steps to Deliverance' fame has joined the team and written a guest blog to introduce the plans that are afoot!

Red Scar Development Blog 02

Nighstalkers, Basileans, Salamanders, Abyssal Dwarfs... every race on Pannithor oozes their own character. While some may be staples familiar to most fantasy settings, Mantic have given all of them unique twists and exciting visuals that bend or break tradition to offer something vibrant and unique. So how best to represent that in a tabletop roleplaying game? Welcome to Red Scar development blog 02: Keywords.

Red Scar Development Blog 01

Like the unstoppable Steel Behemoths of the dwarfs, Kings of War the Roleplaying Game is shaping into a mighty juggernaut and gathering ground-shaking momentum. Gather your band and steel your resolve, for Pannithor is in need of mighty heroes to help shape its destiny. Welcome to the very first Red Scar development blog!