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Red Scar Development Blog 04

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Drums of War

The world of Pannithor is one that has ever been trodden under the heels of armies marching to war. Its tapestry is rich with epic tales of brave generals marshaling their troops to face down nefarious warklords. In Red Scar Development Blog 04, drawn directly from the most recent Update for the Kings of War RPG Kickstarter, we take a look at the crossover potential with other games set in the Kings of War universe.

Crossing Over

As there have been a few questions about this topic, we’re using Red Scar Development Blog 04 to take a closer look at the crossover potential for the roleplaying into the other Kings of War related systems that Mantic produce. Having spent time on the Kings of War: Vanguard rules committee, the potential to hop between systems with the same characters was always something I wanted to explore. Crossover rules for Dungeon Saga, Vanguard and Kings of War will feature in the Corebook. As with the miniatures-related questions, I can confirm that you won’t need to use the crossover rules to enjoy the main roleplaying game. The Kings of War RPG will always remain just that at its core: a pen-and-paper tabletop roleplaying for epic storytelling.

Ranging Out

We appreciate that many folks would like to use the expansive ranges of miniatures and dungeon terrain they might have, however, and have those skirmishes, battles, and fast-paced dungeon crawls mean something beyond the game’s end. I know I certainly do! The framework for the crossover rules can already be seen in many of the features and abilities of the system itself. NPC power levels, for instance, follow the conventions of Vanguard – which themselves are also related to Kings of War – and plenty of Keywords and traits are take some of their inspiration from their sister mechanics. With core conversion rules contained in the rulebook (which can be taken or left as GMs see fit), that enables us to provide crossover scenarios and their potential outcomes within the epic campaigns that we have planned beyond the Corebook funding.

With an epic title like Kings of War, we wanted to focus on the players driving equally epic narratives from the moment we sat down to plan the RPG’s scope. Each campaign will aim take the players on a journey that will set them up as powers to be reckoned with in their region. If that’s where they choose to go, of course. We’re all about options for play, rather than telling folks how the game should be played. Within that journey and throughout that growth, there will be ample opportunity to scour a dungeon for a unique and powerful item, fall foul of roving warbands, and lead massed armies into battle (this last option will have a narrative component in the rulebook too).

Pressed for Time

In our often time-poor lives that face various scheduling issues, think of it this way. The group can only meet for an hour instead of three or four for their regular slot. No problem! Let’s crack open Dungeon Saga with our characters and track down that ancient tome we need. Some of the group can’t make it, but there’s a roving band of Abyssals threatening town that need dealing with. All good, let’s lead a task force out using Vanguard. A huge force of orcs and goblins has come boiling out of the mountains. Let’s muster our troops and have some fun tackling it in Kings of War. As already mentioned, each campaign will highlight points were these options can be explored, including GM guidance for good and bad outcomes. This includes potential dungeon layouts and scenario-specific rules, etc.

Dungeon delving is dangerous work.

We’re working with the system experts to make sure the character crossover rules are robust, then we’ll be opening them up to the wider community for input. It’s important that we get this feature right, and for that we need to get as much feedback as possible. I hope that helps explain the scope of what we’re intending! But it’s also important to keep remembering that this is an RPG first. We’re excited to be including them and they will definitely enhance the game for people who want to experience the entire Kings of War range, but the game and campaigns run perfectly well without them.

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