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Announcing New 2d20 License Partnership!

Returning to Kickstarter soon! 2d20 License2d20 License Partnership

Red Scar are very pleased to announce a new 2d20 license with British gaming giant Modiphius that will allow use of their impressive 2d20 system.

It may come as no surprise to some that Red Scar’s very own Marc Langworthy has been involved with many of Modiphius‘ RPG lines, including Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition, Infinity, and Conan. With contributions ranging from storyline and rules to content, to line management of products, he’s learnt a thing or two about the system along the way. Switching to 2d20 will be as natural as night following day.

Why the switch?

Firstly, 2d20 is not only a tried, tested, and balanced system, it’s also well-regarded within the gaming community. Secondly, based on feedback, we also feel that our own TriCore system isn’t quite there yet. Rather than hold up the relaunch of the kickstarter further, we spoke to Chris Birch (head honcho at Modiphius) and asked if we could license the system that has piloted so many successful RPGs recently; in addition to those mentioned previously, there’s also Star Trek Adventures and the forthcoming John Carter.

Devil's Run 2d20 LicenseSeamless Transition

Changing to 2d20 will not only be seamless, but also well supported. Behind the scenes, the Modiphius family are amazingly supportive and on-hand to offer assistance when and where they can. The Quickstart 2d20 re-write will be made available as soon as it clears approvals, so look forward to further news on that soon!

We are very proud to announce ourselves as the very first license holders for the 2d20 system and look forward to meshing the rich post-apocalypse of the Devil’s Run with its innovative mechanics!

The Devil’s Run RPG Bonus Material!

Great news folks! Red Scar Publishing has smashed one hundred likes in the wake of our RPG announcement, all thanks to your support and enthusiasm of course! As a small bonus teaser, here is an introductory piece of prose that describes the very moment when Cadence, current High Judge of the Justice faction, decided to take matters into her own hands.

There will plenty of art and prose teasers to follow as we roll along.

Enjoy the ride!

DR_RPG_bonus page

The Devil’s Run Roleplaying Game Inbound!

Major announcement from Red Scar today folks, as we unveil some of the hard work that is being put into the forthcoming Devil’s Run Roleplaying Game!

Get ready for some post-apocalyptic mayhem in the not too distant future as we unleash carnage using Red Scar’s very own Trinity: Core game system.

Alpha playtest packs will be sent out very soon, but in the meantime, we plan to whet your appetites for destruction with regular progress updates and sneak peeks.

Choose a side. Fight. Survive.

RPG cover
RPG cover
RPG insert
RPG insert

RPG chapter image

Playtest pack proposed character sheet
Playtest pack proposed character sheet
RPG back cover
RPG back cover